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Modi made India’s north-south partition, Rahul Gandhi challenging from Wayanad will join them

Laser Pointed at Rahul Gandhi's Head During Amethi Rally: Congress

The news that Congress president Rahul Gandhi will contest as a competitor from the Wayanad Lok Sabha electorate in Kerala was censured by his political opponents. They attempted to present a defense that Rahul Gandhi was fleeing from his conventional fortification of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh or potentially was conflicting with the Opposition solidarity, which the Congress has regularly spoken about, by taking on the Left in Kerala. Yet, actually, Rahul Gandhi has just made another stride towards further fixing his validity as a prime clerical competitor who is prepared for nationalRead More

“Rahul Gandhi A Kashmiri Brahmin, Have Record Of Ancestry,” Claims Priest

Rahul Gandhi A Kashmiri Brahmin, Have Record Of Ancestry, Claims Priest

All details of Rahul Gandhi’s gotra have been “revealed” by a priest in Rajasthan. Congress president Rahul Gandhi visited a temple while campaigning on Monday for the December 7 state election. He is a “Dattatreya” and a Kashmiri Brahmin, as he said a priest in a temple by the famous lake Pushkar. That answers a question raised by Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Sambit Patra, who had targeted last month at Rahul Gandhi over his party’s pronouncement to justify his temple visits in poll-bound states  that he is a “janeu-dhari Brahmin”. Question asked by SambitRead More