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July, 2016


Punjab Election Opinion poll 2017

The election commission of India mentions their official site that where will become future assembly election? Five state legislative assembly five-year tenure is completing so Election Commission decides to organize election on there. In which Punjab is one state where will election become? Now, Punjab state Political party has active and busy to preparation for Punjab election 2017. In the Present time, SAD and BJP Alliance party is working in Punjab government. They have also active and making a strategy for Upcoming Punjab election that How can we win againRead More

The New Arunachal Pradesh Government Passes Floor Test

The new government in Arunachal Pradesh is only four days old and it has passed the floor test in Assembly. A total of 46 members voted in favor of the Chief Minister Perna Khandu, while 11 from the opposition party, BJP voted against him. Mr Khandu appreciated the members including Kaliko Phul and Tuki, for keeping faith on him.

PM Narendra Modi Good Enough to be Re-elected in 2019, Says Swaminathan Aiyar

As India is preparing itself to see Lok Sabha elections in 2019, an analysis on Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that he is good enough to be re-elected as the Prime Minister of India. It has been two years of him holding the position in the country, and he has taken many initiatives, including elimination of corruption in Delhi. According to Indian Journalist and Columnist Swaminathan Aiyar, current PM Modi is the candidate who can be re-elected for the position.