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SP activists should put all efforts to wipe out BJP in 2019: Akhilesh

SP activists should put all efforts to wipe out BJP in 2019: Akhilesh

Calling Samajwadi Party (SP) workers to put all their efforts, party president Akhilesh Yadav said all workers should make all-out efforts to bring Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) to its knees which is responsible for all plights of commoners.

Addressing the party workers here at his native village Saifai, Mr Yadav said aim of his party was to wipe out BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha elections and all party workers should put all efforts in to make it possible. BJP, the party known for its false promises and claims is reason behind all plights of commoners, he underlined.

Mr Yadav said that whole country was struggling to cover-up the mental and economical loss after demonetisation. He claimed that common man was against BJP after dictatorial initiatives like demonetisation. And if traders also join the others BJP candidates will be unable to save their deposit in elections.

SP president said

That like many others claim of BJP government to conduct cheating free examinations was fake as many candidates who did not appear in examinations got top numbers. Also, they claim to provide jobs to youth but in reality papers were being leaked for many government examinations and process were never completed.

He said that recruitment in police department was easy. And also transparent in SP regime but Yogi Adityanath government has made it so complicated. So, that many eligible candidates were bared to apply for the jobs. Situations were same for recruitment in other government departments, he added.

Former UP chief minister said that Yogi government has ignored plights of farmers. And they were being mocked by useless fairs and Kumbh. He said that government schemes for farmers were failed to benefit them and most of them caused them loss.

Commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

SP president said that PM MOdi claims to double the income of farmers but ground reality was far different. He said that farmers were facing economical loss than previous days. Claims of PM Modi about supporting farmers were fake and baseless, he alleged.

Speaking about upcoming Lok Sabha elections Mr Yadav said that BJP can float some bogus and malicious rumours before elections to mislead public. He said that all party workers should keep it in mind and make public aware about mean intention of BJP.

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