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Baseless allegation for the PM Narendra Modi by Rahul Gandhi

PM Narendra Modi

Launching an attack against the government and PM Narendra Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi today said the Prime Minister bypassed talks on Rafale, citing a report published in a newspaper. 

The report published by The Hindu claimed that the french side had took the advantage of parallel parleys by the Prime Minister Office that weekend Indian team’s position, in negotiating the Rafale deal with France.

Rahul gandhi the president of Congress took the report to counter a spirited defence by Narendra Modi in parliament on Thursday.

On Thursday the Prime MInister Narendra Modi has slammed the congress over their accusations of corruption on the Rafale jet fighter deal, which the party chief Rahul Gandhi has raised repeatedly. Prime Minister said that the congress party wants a weak Indian air force. He said that congress does not want our air force to become powerful. He was leveling a serious allegation, he also added that the comapany’s they are bidding for that they are acting so shamefully.

On today taking the report by the newspaper rahul gandhi countered again on Prime minister and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stole Rs. 30,000 crore from the Indian armed forces and gave it to his Friend Anil Ambani in front of the press conference.

According to him Defence Ministry has proved that what Francois Holland, who is the former french president said was true and on that basis he is declaring the prime minister Narendra Modi a guilty for the Rafale case.

He also alleged the defence minister for that. He said that the defence minister Niramala Sitharaman is also lying as well. Former french president has admitted that he has been made to choose Anil Ambani by Prime Minister Modi.

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