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Friday, February 8th, 2019


Kumarswamy alleged Prime Minister to destroy country’s democracy


Kumarswamy launched an attack on Prime Minister just some hours before the presentation of Budget in Assembly . The Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumarswamy today said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is destroying the country’s Democracy and he has some Proof to expose the double talk of the Prime Minister, hourse ahead of the budget presentation kumarswamy said. Kumarswamy said that yaddyurapa is offered money for switching to BJP. He said this after playing a tape of conversation by BJP state president BS Yddyurappa was offering money to JD(S) MLARead More

Baseless allegation for the PM Narendra Modi by Rahul Gandhi

PM Narendra Modi

Launching an attack against the government and PM Narendra Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi today said the Prime Minister bypassed talks on Rafale, citing a report published in a newspaper.  The report published by The Hindu claimed that the french side had took the advantage of parallel parleys by the Prime Minister Office that weekend Indian team’s position, in negotiating the Rafale deal with France. Rahul gandhi the president of Congress took the report to counter a spirited defence by Narendra Modi in parliament on Thursday. On Thursday the PrimeRead More

PM Modi says opposition alliance will fail, clears air on jobs data

PM Modi

PM Modi Swiped the opposition Alliance Against his party. At the parliament Modi sad that The peoples of this country did not want mahamilavat, adding this he said that the government of leaders who gathered at the rally in Kolkata and hence the opposition alliance would not be successful in the look sabha election 2019. on adding he also said that, peoples have seen the work of the government with the absolute majority can do and they have seen the work of his government. On the Unemployment issue Modi counteredRead More

Prime Minister to Visit 10 states in Five days For Loksabha Elections 2019

Prime Minister

Signaling his full mode of campaigning for loksabha election 2019, Prime Minister Narendre Modi is going to visit 10 state in just 5 days. The campaign will start from 8th of February he is going to travel daily also staying night away from delhi in assam. He is also going to visit over three regions of jammu and kashmir on Sunday with a trip to west bengal last Saturday. Prime Minister will start with the three states on Feb 8th, with a rally in Rajgarh’s Kondatari in Chattisgarh. After hisRead More