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PM Modi says opposition alliance will fail, clears air on jobs data

PM Modi

PM Modi Swiped the opposition Alliance Against his party. At the parliament Modi sad that The peoples of this country did not want mahamilavat, adding this he said that the government of leaders who gathered at the rally in Kolkata and hence the opposition alliance would not be successful in the look sabha election 2019. on adding he also said that, peoples have seen the work of the government with the absolute majority can do and they have seen the work of his government.

On the Unemployment issue Modi countered the charge of the opposition and said that more than 630,000 new professionals who are non corporate tax payers have filled the tax returns in the past years, and now these peoples are giving jobs to other.

On taking the oppositions unemployment issue PM has countered that Maximum of the job growth has been in the transport sector. Except for that 1.8 crore people have been enrolled under the Employees Provident fund between September 2017 and November 2018 over a span of only 15 months, among st them 58% are below the age of 28. On adding PM said except for that 1.20 crore of the peoples have been registered under the National Pension System as of the last October Compared to 65 Lakhs peoples who have registered in March 2014. “How these all the things could be happened without new jobs”, PM asked to the opposition.

The oppostion parties which has accused him for destroying the institution ones of those party have actually engaged in such kind of activities, Modi said in the response to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha, Underscoring the aggressive line of attack that the Prime Minister and his ruling Party are adopting in their Campaign for 2019 Polls.

The prime minister has compared congress 55 years of rule to the 55 months of his power. He said that in the 55 years of congress the sanitation coverage was around 38% and in his 55 months of power the sanitation coverage is 98%. Except for that he said about the gas connections which was 12 crore over 55 years of congress and it is now 13 crore in the 55 months of his power.

He also launched a attack in the congress party and the Gandhi family in parliament saying that those who had imposed the emergency were seeking to cow down the judiciary and had insulted the armed forces.

On heavily attacking over congress he said Congress imposed the emergency but they are saying Modi is destroying institutions, congress is insulting army by calling army chief a goonda, but they say Modi is destroying institutions, congress bullies the judiciary but they say that Modi is destroying institutions. Except for that Prime Minister also said that congress is questioning the election commission and the integrity of electronic voting machines was is keeping with him.

On adding Modi said that congress has never worked for the benefit of the nation, they have no vision.

After that PM added that the congress party has misused the article 356 to dismiss the state governments several times. Former prime minister Indira Gandhi have done this 50 times.

On targeting the opposition Modi said that he speak truth whether he is in the country or outside, in the parliament or outside, but the opposition’s ability to listen the truth has been diminished.

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