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Kumarswamy alleged Prime Minister to destroy country’s democracy


Kumarswamy launched an attack on Prime Minister just some hours before the presentation of Budget in Assembly .

The Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumarswamy today said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is destroying the country’s Democracy and he has some Proof to expose the double talk of the Prime Minister, hourse ahead of the budget presentation kumarswamy said.
Kumarswamy said that yaddyurapa is offered money for switching to BJP. He said this after playing a tape of conversation by BJP state president BS Yddyurappa was offering money to JD(S) MLA from Gurmitkal Naganagouda Patil to switch to BJP.

Chief Minister of Karnataka HD Kumaswamy urged Prime Minister to take action aginst yeddyrappa saying that one side PM was preaching how they should conduct, on the other side he is encouraging his party men to disrupt house preceeding.

Kumarswamy said that the PM is systemiccally demolishing this county’s Democracy and he is also mis leading the peoples, he requested all the opposition parties to rise. He said they should have to expose the truth of prime minister in the parliament.
After that he said BJP is disrupting the functioning of the state assembly. BJP’s Operation kamla is going oon and they are trying to steal their MP’s in Karnataka.

In the 224 members in the assembly, Janta Dal Secular (JDS) has their 37 MLA’s, BJP is haviing 104 MLA’s while congress is having 80 members over there. Ever since the conress and JDS jointly formed the gocvernment in Karnataka in May of last year, ther were murmurs of resentment among them.

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