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Uttarakhand election Opinion Poll 2017

Uttarakhand election Opinion Poll 2017 | Exit Poll | News Survey : Uttarakhand legislative five-year tenure is going to finish on 26th March 2017 so election commission of India is going to announce very soon Uttarakhand election schedule. In Uttarakhand assembly 70th seats avail. The election will become on all 70th seats. Now, Uttarakhand states political party busy in the upcoming election and making a strategy for Uttarakhand election. In Uttarakhand’s politics are trending Uttarakhand election opinion poll and people are also searching upcoming election opinion poll on social sites so here in this post, We are publishing some news survey, exit poll, Opinion Poll. Read this post carefully.

Uttarakhand election Opinion Poll Result

Uttarakhand election Opinion Poll Result will decide that which party winning percentage, what? News channels and survey agency are doing election Opinion poll in Uttarakhand state on all 70 seats that which seats who’s party strong and who’s chances is high or low to win Uttarakhand election? Opinion poll result helps of political parties to make a plan to win and election campaign and where is a need to the huge election campaign? What is Opinion Poll and How is it work? News and survey authority send their surveyor every assembly seat and after reaching there. They talk people about their area politics, development, problems, current MLA behaviour etc. after collect information, they ask that which one party candidate will you give your vote? They say that I will this party my vote? It’s a processor to make opinion poll.

Party Name Seats
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 31
Indian National Congress (INC) 32
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) 3
Uttarakhand Kranti Dal(P) UKD(P) 1
Independent (IND) 3
Total 70

Uttarakhand election news survey

Opinion Poll and news survey play the main role in the election. Before coming to election result news channels show news survey on every channel from a different name. Many times, it saw that many news agency opinion poll show exact result and increase their channels authority.

Party No Of Seat
BJP 63
Total 70

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