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Centre Running on ‘Gujarat Model’ to Harass Opposition Leaders, Says Congress’ Digvijaya Singh

Digvijaya Singh edited

Singh said though action has been taken by the CBI and ED against P Chidambaram, the officers on whose recommendation/consent the former Union minister took decisions have been spared.

Mathura: Accusing the Centre of political vendetta, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has said the Narendra Modi government is running on the “Gujarat model” of governance to harass opposition leaders.

“Sending former Union finance minister P Chidambaram to jail is an evidence of misuse of the CBI, ED and the IT department for implicating opposition leaders,” Singh said on Friday evening.

He said though action has been taken against Chidambaram, the officers on whose recommendation/consent the former Union minister took decisions have been spared. The former Madhya Pradesh chief minister claimed no action has been taken against Chinmayanand simply because he is a BJP leader, in spite of a post-graduate woman alleging, in 18 pages, he raped her.

Singh demanded action against Chinmayanand similar to that taken against Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar, who too has been accused of sexual assault at his residence and expelled by the BJP.

He said the Centre is “running on Gujarat model” to harass only opposition leaders. The Congress leader took exception to the reported remarks of the Prime Minister in Mathura, on Om and cow. He said “such baseless aspersions” are made to divert attention from the failure of the government.

Not only Goseva Ayog for cows was constituted in Madhya Pradesh during his term as chief minister in 1993-94 but also the process to give grant had started, Singh said. However, the BJP government overruled the decision in 2003, when it came to power, he said.

Singh congratulated Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath for virtually reviving the scheme with an order for opening 1,000 ‘goshalas’ (chowsheds). He demanded introduction and total funding of a scheme for stray cattle by the Union government to counter the menace.

The BJP is the only party that receives funding from “beef exporters”, Singh alleged, adding that it has “confessed” it in its report to the Election Commission. There has been a rapid increase in beef export, he said.

He was critical of the betrayal of the promises made by the prime minister, terming them ‘jumla’ as none of the promises like combatting the menace of terrorism, fake notes, corruption and black money were fulfilled, instead people are losing their jobs.

Ten lakh people working in the automobile industry have lost their jobs, while unemployment is knocking the door of sarrafa workers. “The person, who had reservations on putting on a Muslim cap in Gujarat, is wearing the same cap in Arab countries,” he said.

The economy is in doldrums, as it is passing through a slowdown, the Congress leader said, advising the PM to follow the six-point formula of ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh to overcome it.

Refuting the government’s claim about normalcy in Kashmir, he asked why curfew had been imposed and senior leaders detained there, adding a fake picture of Kashmir is being presented.

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