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Nitin Gadkari pummels Congress for age-old ‘garibi hatao’ trademark to win cast a ballot

Gadkari pummels Congress for age-old 'garibi hatao' trademark to win cast a ballot

Association Transport Minister and senior pioneer of BJP– Nitin Gadkari– on Wednesday, reprimanded the Congress saying the gathering has constantly pitched ‘destitution destruction’ to natives as a way to come into power. Be that as it may, he stated, that just those having a place with the Congress and ‘the family’ have thrived. Gadkari said the country has seen exceptional development in BJP’s five-year routine, while tending to a gathering for BJP’s Mandi hopeful Ram Swaroop Sharma, at Sangla, Kinnaur locale. “Indeed, even today, individuals are experiencing neediness. Furthermore, evenRead More

Nagpur believes Nitin Gadkari could be PM – if not now, then surely someday

Nagpur believes Nitin Gadkari could be PM - if not now, then surely someday

In the run-up to the Lok Sabha races, there was a theory about association serves Nitin Gadkari developing as a prime pastoral hopeful, which the BJP pioneer completely rejected. As the Nagpur MP represents re-appointment, his voters assume that the protégée of the orange city ought to turn into the PM in future, if not currently. For Nagpur occupants, the decision is either Prime Minister Narendra Modi or their own one of a kind Gadkari — there is no third option for them. Gadkari has totally changed the substance ofRead More

Centre is about to launch projects in Ayodhya worth Rs 5000 crore


The government is kick starting the projects which were planned in earlier 2015 for Ayodhya, just before the poll dates are announced and also at the time when the ram Mandir issue has become the national talk. According to the sources the center had launched many of the construction projects worth rs 5,300 crore. These projects included half a dozen of highways and infrastructure in Ayodhya on Friday also including the improvement of “ 84 Kosi Parikrama Marg” and Ram Van Gagan Marg. Both of the places have religious significanceRead More