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Having a wonderful conversation with Akshay Kumar:PM Modi

Having a wonderful conversation with Akshay Kumar:PM Modi

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has taken interview of PM Modi. In which he asked many interesting questions from the PM. PM Modi also gave answers to these questions in his style of Akshay. Both of them also told each other about many jokes and stories. Akshay Kumar discussed PM Modi with his personal life besides politics.

Tea taught many things

A lot of people were able to understand tea while selling tea. Many people scolded When talking in Hindi, the BJP leaders were surprised. Because I was Gujarati. The reason for this was to sell tea. Mumbai merchants used to come from the goods train, we used to give them tea. Talking to them, we learned Hindi.

PM said Diwali lived in ruins instead of celebrating

I have a habit of drinking tea at 5 o’clock. Tea is required at 6 o’clock in the evening. Like drinking tea in the open. I never used to celebrate Diwali. Went somewhere for five days Drink water was carried along No one lived under ruins or trees. I used to meet me only. That thing gave me a lot of strength.

Do you see movies?

In childhood, the friend’s father used to sell gram outside the theater. They met there and occasionally got the chance to go to the theater. Seeing the movie sitting there with a friend. When I was CM, I went to see the film with Amitabh Bachchan. After this, watching the film with Anupam Kher ji. No time is available now

Are you nervous while giving a speech in the United Nations?

I have trouble overconfidence. When I reached America, Sushma ji had already gone I have a habit of meeting before. Sushma ji asked how is your preparation. Written Speech Must Be We have been debating on this Then I told what I have to say. Speech is ready. But never comes to read me. I gave that speech and read it.

Which game did you play in childhood?

Childhood I used to go to the RSS camp. There were many types of games. It was said that tell the qualities of what you have been sitting in. This gives us many qualities. I became more involved with Yoga. I like games with grouping. It improves your personality. Team Spirit comes.

Do you give something to your mother from your salon?

Mother always gives me money. I always give the bets. No expenditure on my family is on the government. My family does not take anything. My life has become such that the country has made its family.

How do you feel when you look at social media?

I love seeing Me. I see less in it and create more in it. These people are able to think immediately. Common man’s senses and creativity appear. The material of social media is like chains sold in the pavement. There are some people who deliberately do this. It is all right to keep itself balanced. Her hard work gets worse.

Clothes itself washed

By the time the CM made his clothes washed. Due to poverty, sometimes it would have been better to see others. He used to press the cloth in the cloth and fill in coal. When we got the white shoes of the canvas, we went to the class and collected the square. Every day, he used to put a square on dirty shoes.

Why do you sleep for three or four hours only?

The more my partners are, the doctor also tells me to take more sleep. Obama also got entangled on this issue. Why do you say, Modiji ji? Whenever you meet, ask about it. My sleep is completed in less time. I leave the bed when I open my eyes. May 18-22-year-old life has given me this. After retiring, I will think about increasing sleep.

What is the Post Retirement Plan?

We had a meeting with the people, there was a chat about what to do after retirement. Pramod Mahajan used to do more such questions. They asked me so I said that never thought. Because responsibility is my life. Never thought of retirement in my mind. I will spend every moment of life in some mission.

PM said, my piggy bank was always empty

I did not have a bank account. In my village a bank was opened, they gave a piggy bank to all children and said that you have to pour money and deposit it. My piggy bank is always empty.We have never deposited money. The account was opened in the village, I was looking for the closure. When the CM created, the salary started and the bank became a bank account. When I left from there, he asked to donate all the money in the account.

Mamta Siddi sends kurtas

There are many good friends in opposition parties, they also eat food many times together. Long ago, Parliament had gone to work for some work. Ghulam Nabi Azad and I were gossiping. Media people questioned how friendship was done? We said that the people you see outside are not the ones. We live like a family. Mamta Siddi sends one or two kurtas to me even today.

Do you work for someone forcibly?

If someone says that I get to work, this is not true. I do not put pressure on anyone. Discipline does not come from imposing. Can not impersonate anyone by lying. If I meet anyone, I do not even have a phone in the middle. This discipline is in my life.

PM speaks, why not with mother

Ever had called the mother, spent some days with them. But my mother says why waste time with me. Mother says what to talk about with you. Time does not get much. If I come at night, my mother is hurt.

PM Modi does such an angry control

PM Modi said that I have adopted one thing to control anger. Ever wondered why this happened to me? In this way, I used to sit alone with paper and write down the whole incident. Then he threw it and threw it. Then he was writing again. With that, these things would burst from the paper as well. After writing, it was discovered that I was wrong.

What do you do in anger?

If I say that I do not get angry, then many people are startled. But all this was happening in the big round of my life. I have never been angry at anyone from peon to principal secretary. I’m strict, but do not let anyone down.

Was there ever a desire to go to the Army?

I used to think that I too should go to the army. When the soldiers were fond of great fame, they came to mind that this is the way to die for the country. Tried to enroll in Sainik School of Gujarat.

Ever thought that you will become a PM?

Never thought I would be a PM. I do not believe that there is such a desire already in someone’s mind. Yes, the family may wish to be like this. The journey started and the country took me. I am also wondering why the country is giving me so much love. Made a question in mind and gave the answer itself and reached here.

Does PM Modi eat mango?

I love the common food I like When it was small then used to go to the fields, then there was a common cooked meal from the tree. There was a general account, but at the moment it has to be controlled.

Why does PM Modi only sleep for 4 hours?

During the interview, Akshay Kumar asked PM Modi that you sleep for 3 or 4 hours, while it is necessary to take 7 hours to sleep. In response to this, PM Modi said that when President Obama came to meet me, he also got embroiled on this issue. Whenever you meet, ask if you have increased your sleep or not.

Do not feel like living with mother?

Akshay Kumar has asked PM Modi if he does not feel like living with his mother and family? In response, PM Modi said that he had left the family in his childhood. Mother also says that why to waste time behind me.

Akshay Kumar tweeted teaser

Akshay Kumar tweeted an interview with PM Modi. In a few seconds of this teaser, Akshay is asking PM Modi whether he is a common man? After this, Akshay is asking the PM whether he is really speaking? Because Gujarati people are very good for the money.


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