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Does AAP’s MCD election performance signal end of Kejriwal brand of politics?

According To India Vote Kar
The initial leads for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections had barely started coming in when the allegations from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) began surfacing: It isn’t a Bharatiya Jatnata Party (BJP) wave but an EVM wave. They were again blaming their loss on electronic voting machines. To back their allegations, why don’t the leading lights of AAP counter the challenge thrown by the Election Commission to test the machines?

These elections have proved that the wheels are coming off the alternative brand of politics that Arvind Kejriwal had promised and won an unprecedented mandate. The defeat brings down the castles in the air that Kejriwal had built of making the AAP a national-level alternative to the party in power. Let me take you back a few years. Kejriwal and his friends were running an ideological crusade against corruption. At that time, it did not appear they would join politics, which is why a number of like-minded intellectuals joined them. These were people who had lost trust in the intentions of their political leaders.

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