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PM Modi: His government is able to take strong decisions

PM Modi

PM Modi set a campaign in Surat on Wednesday by stressing on the importance of having a government with a clear majority and attacking “people with a negative mindset”. 

During his address after inaugurating the extension project of the Surat airport and a slew of other projects undertaken by the Surat Municipality, Modi cited demonetisation as an example of a strong decision taken by his government which enjoys a clear majority. This step helped rein in real estate prices, he said. 

Stating that the country’s progress had suffered in the past three decades, Modi said only a government which enjoys total majority can work freely for its development and can take strong decisions. “Such a government is also accountable,” he said. “Today, anyone can ask me, Modiji what have you done in the last four years-…Had it been a hotchpotch government, I could easily pass the buck saying what could I do, I had the compulsions of a coalition,” he added. 

In an apparent dig at the Gandhi-Nehru family, Modi said those who made the country tremble and turned it into a jail are now making rounds of courts. PM Modi says that he is confident on the blessings of 125 crore peoples of India, no matter how many rounds of court they will make, but one day they will have to go. except that he said those who have looted the country will have to return it.

Enumerating the achievements of his government, he quoted the success achieved in the affordable housing sector and many other schemes for the poor in a short span of just four and a half years.

Modi said that this would be taken 25 yearrs for any other government. Later, inaugurating the Dandi Memorial,Modi recalled the time when Gandhiji’s Salt Satyagraha was questioned by his critics and in a terse reference to the Opposition, related it to the questions faced by his government on the Swachh Bharat Mission or opening bank accounts for the poor.

Addressing a youth conclave later, Modi claimed that his government has dispelled the despair that had set in among youths during the UPA regime. 

He said his government had resorted to surgical strikes following the Uri attack while the previous government slept over the Mumbai attack after offering condolences to the victims. 

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