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Navjot Singh Sidhu gets perfect chit on his ‘dulhan’ comment against PM Modi

Navjot Singh Sidhu gets clean chit on his 'dulhan' remark against PM Modi

Congress pioneer Navjot Singh Sidhu on Thursday got a perfect chit by the locale decision office in Indore on his ‘dulhan’ comment against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The workplace said that Sidhu’s comment did not damage the model set of accepted rules.

Throughout the end of the week, Sidhu had determinedly assaulted PM Modi while battling in Indore and contrasted the Prime Minister with a “lady of the hour who just claims to work.”

“Modi ji uss dulhan ki tarah hain jo roti kum baelti hai aur chudiyaan zada khankati hai taaki mohalle walon ko yeh pata chale ki woh kaam kar rahi hai. Bas yahi hua hai Modi sarkaar mein (Modi ji resembles the lady of the hour who makes less chapattis however makes clamor with her bangles so neighbors realize she is working. This is the thing that occurred amid Modi government),” Sidhu had said on May 11.

The correspond came multi-day after the Election Commission had issued a notice to the cricketer-turned-government official for owning a harsh expression about PM Modi and in the process abusing the model set of principles.

The BJP later lashed out at Sidhu saying he is a “misogynist.” Party representative Sambit Patra while tending to a question and answer session in Delhi stated, “Sidhu Ji, this is new India. Here ladies don’t simply exist to make bread at home yet convey the nation forward.”

“You may recall that Sidhu ji had before said that when Barack Obama’s significant other Michelle Obama enters the kitchen of the White House, she will be amazed to take note of that a few things are from Lucknow there. He supposes even Michelle Obama is there only for making bread,” he included.

After the ‘Dulhan’ comment, Sidhu, the Congress’ star campaigner, likewise called BJP pioneers ‘Dark Englishmen’ in a reference to India’s frontier past and contrasted Patra with a “frog who just professes to think about ladies’ rights.”

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