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half VVPAT Verification Will Delay Poll Results by 6 Days: EC to SC


The Election Commission on Friday, 29 March, stated in the Supreme Court that 21 Opposition pioneers have been unfit to raise any ground for adjusting the current arrangement of irregular tallying of the VVPAT slips from one surveying corner for every Assembly portion, which was “observed to be most reasonable” after due investigations and tests.

Checking off a large portion of the VVPATs, EC attested, could postpone statement of consequences of the general decisions by as long as six days.

EC looked for rejection of their request looking for that VVPAT slips of no less than 50 percent of casting ballot machines in every Assembly voting demographic be checked arbitrarily in the Lok Sabha races one month from now.

“Any further increment in the example size of confirmation will prompt truly unimportant addition in the certainty level, which at present is route above 99.99 percent,” the survey board said.

Document Reply on Increasing VVPAT Sample Survey by 26 March: SC to EC

It said issues raised by them have just been considered, contemplated and decided and the choice has been taken to direct the present decisions by receiving the predominant arrangement of tallying of VVPAT slips.

EC asked on 25 March by the zenith court to give its view on expanding the number of irregular example reviews from one stall for every Assembly portion, said that later on decisions it might think about proposals for further improving the holding of surveys in a free and reasonable way.

“It is presented that with the up and coming decisions issues brought up at the moment petitions are matters that have just been considered, examined and controlled by the Election Commission of India and have since finished in receiving the course of direction of the fast approaching race in a present way,” the EC said in its testimony.

It said the writ request recorded by 21 Opposition pioneers, driven by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, “does not raise any ground or base for changing the current framework at this crossroads and it is in like manner supplicated that the present framework as chose to be embraced for the inevitable races be proceeded with and the appeal rejected. ”

The survey board kept up that it is constantly open to realizing any enhancements that would assist the reason for nothing and reasonable races.

“In so far as the complaints and reliefs appealed to God for at the moment writ petitions are concerned, these are on the whole issues to which the Election Commission of India has put forth a concentrated effort, and after due examinations and tests has landed at the end that the technique as by and by received has been observed to be most appropriate,” the sworn statement said.

The survey board said If at all as to future decisions, whatever other proposals that have not been considered are raised, it would quickly investigate the equivalent so as to think about their viability and utility to a definitive target of gathering information.

The survey board presently embraces an arrangement of including of VVPAT slips in one surveying stall for every Assembly voting demographic in the Vidhan Sabha surveys and in one surveying corner in every Assembly portion for the Lok Sabha surveys.

The affirmation said that the 21 Opposition pioneers have not revealed: “even one explicit case for this Court to reach a resolution that the current framework would in any way unfavorably impact the free and reasonable races.”

EVM Row: Oppn Meets EC, Demands half Results Be Matched with VVPATs

Further, the survey board said the appeal by them doesn’t raise any new or diverse worry or complaint as was brought up in the before cases, nor draws out any grave or genuine reason requiring a redoing of the framework that has been received with the end goal of the lead of the 2019 decisions.

“It is additionally presented that when the surveys are fast approaching and surveying is to start from April 11, 2019, to now try to adjust the framework embraced by the Election Commission of India at this stage probably won’t be attainable,” the affirmation said.

What’s more, the survey board said 50 percent VVPAT slip confirmation in every Assembly fragment of a Parliamentary Constituency or Assembly Constituency on a normal will extend the time required for checking to around six days.

“It is likewise significant to specify that in numerous Assembly Constituencies, there are more than 400 surveying stations, which will require around 8-9 days to finish the VVPAT slip check. It is relevant to specify that requests for re-check that routinely emerge of the VVPAT slips themselves, which will intensify the time prerequisite,” the affirmation said.

It further said that expanded VVPAT slip tallying will require broad preparing and limit working of race authorities in the field and generous increment of such authorities will be required for arrangement in the field.

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