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In the midst of EVM discussion, a gander at what occurs after the last vote is thrown

In the midst of EVM discussion, a gander at what occurs after the last vote is thrown

Days after the keep going vote was thrown on May 19 for Lok Sabha decisions, an abnormal state Opposition assignment met the Election Commission on Tuesday communicating worries over supposed messing with the EVM even as challenges were held in certain states.

The EC, in any case, expelled all reports of EVMs being controlled saying that all EVMs and voter-checked paper review trail machines (VVPAT) were fixed appropriately and put away in protected solid rooms.

Almost four million EVMs were utilized in the Lok Sabha race this year as a great many voters cast their ticket amid the five-week-long procedure.

Here’s a glance at the end result for the EVMs after the last vote is thrown:

* The EVMs are fixed following surveying for the day closes and surveying operators put their marks on the seal.

* Guarded by focal paramilitary powers, EVMs are then taken to strongrooms and kept there until the day of the tallying of votes. This year, vehicles conveying saved EVMs and VVPATs amid the seven-phased Lok Sabha polls were obligatorily outfitted with a worldwide situating framework (GPS) to follow their development.

* These strongrooms with power reinforcement and CCTV cameras are monitored nonstop. The surveying specialists can go up to the strongroom amid the transportation of EVMs.

* The competitors or their agents can likewise put their own seals on the strongroom entryways. The survey body additionally enables delegates to camp before the strongrooms.

* The EVMs are taken from the strongrooms to the tallying focuses again under substantial security on the booked day of checking, which is on Thursday this year. Novel IDs of the seals and control units of the EVMs have appeared to applicants’ delegates before the tallying procedure begins.

* After the tallying is finished up, the EVMs are again kept in the strongrooms for right around 45 days to settle the issues identified with the machines and votes if there are any.

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