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Ex-Chhattisgarh CM Ajit Jogi Risks Losing Assembly Seat as Govt Panel Concludes He is Not a Tribal

ajit jogi

The high power committee also revoked the Janata Congress Chhattisgarh chief’s caste certificates and ordered the Deputy Superintendent of Police to seize them.

Raipur: A high-powered committee set up under the direction of the high court to probe the caste status of Ajit Jogi has concluded that the former Chief Minister is not a tribal.

The committee has also recommended the caste certificates of the former CM be revoked. Jogi broke away from the Congress ahead of the last assembly polls and launched his own outfit — Chattisgarh Congress (Jantantrik). He is currently an MLA from Marwahi. Revocation of Jogi’s caste certificate would entail his disqualification from the state assembly since Marwahi is a seat reserved for the tribals.

The committee issued the order under Chhattisgarh SC, ST and OBC (Regulation of Certification of Social Status) Act 2013 and directed the Deputy Superintendent of Police to seize Jogi’s caste certificates.

Earlier in 2018, another committee led by IAS officer Rina Baba Kangle had also pronounced that Jogi wasn’t tribal.

Jogi hit out at the Congress government claiming that he had not been given a chance to furnish the necessary documents and evidence. Terming the committee as the ‘Bhupesh Empowered Committee’ he said, “I joined civil services in 1986 and in 43 years, the judiciary has favoured me in the caste row 6 times before.”

He further added, “After Bhuria committee and Raman Singh government, it’s Bhupesh Baghel’s turn to test me on this caste row.” He is not set to challenge the committee’s verdict in the Supreme Court.


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