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‘Born Together in Politics, Will Die Together’: Rebel MLAs Refuse to Relent, Shivakumar Clings to Hope


The Congress leader said he would not move from outside the hotel as he wanted to meet his ‘friends’ who would eventually return to the coalition fold.

While trying to defrost the political emergency in the state, Karnataka Congress Minister DK Shivakumar touched base in Mumbai to meet radical MLAs remaining at Hotel Renaissance on Wednesday. He was joined by JD(S) MLA Shivalinge Gowda.

Shivakumar stated, “Let Mumbai Police or some other power be sent. Give them a chance to perform their responsibility. We have come to meet our companions. We were brought into the world together in legislative issues, we will bite the dust together in governmental issues.”

Calling the rebel MLAs his partymen, Shivakumar said, “Nothing is permanent in politics. There are no friends and no enemies. Anyone can turn at any moment.” He added that he is trying to contact the rebel MLAs and “their heart is beating to meet their friend”.

Ahead of Shivakumar’s visit, security was beefed up outside the hotel. Maharashtra State Reserve Police Force and Riot Control Police were deployed after rebel MLAs said they felt threatened by the visit of their state bosses.

After reaching outside Hotel Renaissance, Shivakumar said, “I have booked a room here. My friends are staying here. There has been a small problem, we have to hold negotiations. We can’t go for a divorce immediately.” He added that there is no question of threatening, “we love and respect each other”.

The Congress leader’s booking was later cancelled citing some emergency at the hotel.

However, Shivakumar refused to budge. “I’ll not go without meeting my friends. They will call me,” he said, adding that he was already in touch and the rebel MLAs would give in.

Meanwhile, B Basavaraj, one of the rebel Congress MLAs, said: “We don’t intend to insult DK Shivakumar. We have faith in him but there is a reason we have taken this step.” He also requested Shivakumar to understand why they could not meet him.

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