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AAP asks EC to give full access to EVMs

According To India Vote Kar
Aam Aadmi Party has requested Election Commission of India to give experts nominated by political parties unconditional access to both internal and external parts of electronic voting machines during the EVM tampering challenge that is likely to start on June 3.
“Please do not set any rules and regulations. Allow it to be an open `hackathon’ where tampering of any kind can be demonstrated on the machines,“ an AAP delegation told the commission on Wednesday . A memorandum was also submitted to EC.

Following tampering allegations by the opposition parties, EC announced on May 20 that it would allow party nominees to check EVMs used in the recent polls in five states.

“It is not an issue related to just one political party , it is a question of safeguarding the democracy in the country . You are the guardian of the democracy in the country . We urge you to make the right decision in the long-term interests of the country ,“ AAP national secretary Pankaj Kumar Gupta wrote in the memorandum. According to EC, the party nominees will have to tamper the EVMs while the machines stay under the technical and administrative safeguards of EC. They will be allowed to press one or a combination of keys on the control unit or the ballot unit or both, and can make external communication to EVMs through wireless, bluetooth or mobile phones.

AAP, which has attribu ted BJP’s recent assembly victories to EVM tampering, earlier said the challenge was “conditional“ and was like asking a man to cross the sea while his limbs are tied. Those tampering EVMs, AAP functionary Sanjay Singh said, will not follow any EC guideline and will use all methods to tamper the machines.

AAP’s MLA from Greater Kailash, Saurabh Bharadwaj, a software engineer, had demonstrated in the Delhi assembly how the results of an election can be rigged by tampering the motherboard of an EVM. “The demonstration was seen by people across the country who now want to be assured that the sanctity of the election process is not destroyed,“ Gupta wrote.

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