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New Zealand: 49 people killed in terrorist attack in Christchurch, Australian citizen is attacker

New Zealand: 49 people killed in terrorist attack in Christchurch, Australian citizen is attacker

New Delhi: The firing incident in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand has surfaced. On Friday, the attacker fired at two mosques, including the Al-Nur mosque in Hegely Park area. New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush confirmed the death of 49 people in this attack. Earlier, according to the news agency ANI, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jasinda Ordnance confirmed the death of 40 people in this shootout. According to them, about 20 people were seriously injured in this attack.

The Prime Minister has described it as the dark day of the country. The PM has considered it a terror attack. According to him, it seems that the attack was already planned. Explosives have also been recovered from two vehicles, which have been disabled. According to police commissioner Mike Bush, four people have been detained. They have 1 female and three men. We keep an eye on the entire developments. The police are trying to capture the attacker, which is still active. The city has been encircled so that no person can get out of town or outside the city. According to them, the danger is still not in Christchurch. According to the news agency ANI, Mike Bush has said that after the firing in the mosque, the police has defused IED for several vehicles in the blasts. In this case, it is being called a big terror plot. Police have issued an order to keep all the mosques in the city closed for safety. People have been asked to stay away from the spot. At the same time, the gunfire gunman is a right-wing extremist, who has Australian citizenship. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave this information. Morrison said that “a militant, right-wing, violent terrorist” shot dead in Christchurch. He is an Australian born citizen. He refused to give further information and said that investigation is under the leadership of New Zealand authorities.

The director of Bangladesh Cricket Board has said that the cricket team is completely safe. All the players are at their hotel. We have watched these situations. Our CEO is in touch with the New Zealand Authority. It is being told that at that time the incident happened in the mosque, at that time the Bangladesh cricket team was also present there.
The injured have been admitted to hospital. After this incident, the Cricket Test match between Bangladesh and New Zealand starting on Saturday has been canceled. This test match was to be played at the Hegelian Oval. According to the news agency ANI, about 300 people were present in the mosque for Friday prayer. According to New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush, the police are making full efforts to overcome the attacker. But the circumstances are serious. According to the police commissioner, the situation has become serious due to an active shooter in Christchurch. The police have closed all the schools and colleges of the pre-crisis Christchurch. Also, the locals have appealed to stay inside the houses.

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