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Manohar Parrikar Takes Charge Of Goa, Trust Vote Thursday

इंडिया वोट कर टीम के अनुसार
Manohar Parrikar took oath as the new Chief Minister of Goa on Tuesday, but he must take a trust vote on Thursday to prove he has a majority, the Supreme Court ruled, in a big setback for the Congress, which was also criticized for its actions by judges. The BJP was invited to form the government in Goa despite winning fewer seats in the election than the Congress. That decision – taken by Governor Mridula Sinha – was challenged by the Congress in court. The Congress won 17 seats in the election; the BJP won 13, but secured the support of small regional parties.

The Congress told the Supreme Court that Governor Sinha’s decision to invite the BJP to form the government is “illegal” and a “blatant unconstitutional action” because the party that won the most seats should get first shot at forming the government.

peaking to NDTV, Mr Parrikar said last evening “I have done no wrong. The Congress did not even have the numbers.” In a blog, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said, “The Congress did not even submit a claim to the Governor.” The Congress disagrees – senior leader Digvijaya Singh said that the Congress wrote to the Governor on Sunday, asking for the chance to prove its majority, but was not granted an appointment.

Source : NDTV

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