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Jaya Prada Joins BJP, Likely to Battle Friend-Turned-Foe and SP Veteran Azam Khan for Rampur


New Delhi: More than 10 years after first winning Rampur, Jaya Prada may come back to the Lok Sabha constituency to challenge Samajwadi Party strongman Azam Khan, who once guaranteed her triumph in the seat ruled by the group of Rampur Nawabs.

The performing artist turned-legislator joined the BJP on Tuesday.

Only in front of the 2004 races, Jaya Prada who had before been related with the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), joined the Samajwadi Party. The SP handled her from Rampur to take on sitting MP, Begum Noor Bano. Jaya Prada won the races serenely.

Yet, throughout the following five years, she got involved in SP’s factional legislative issues. It was when Azam Khan battled a pitched fight with Amar Singh, the SP general secretary who was utilized by the Mulayam Singh Yadav to dull numerous a ground-breaking chieftain in his gathering.

Jaya Prada moved to the Amar Singh camp. Azam Khan left the SP in the challenge against previous BJP CM Kalyan Singh holding hands with Mulayam. Rampur races in 2009 was a standout amongst the most intriguing fights observed definitely both inside the SP and outside.

The SP re-assigned Jaya Prada to challenge from Rampur. Out of gathering, Azam Khan was viewed as somebody contradicting her candidature. In the changed political elements, he apparently was stretching out implied backing to a solid applicant against the SP. It was none other than Noor Banu, the Rampur Begum whose rout he had guaranteed by brining Jaya Prada to Rampur five years back.

The recognition became quick, and Noor Bano, in the run-up to the surveying, rose as an Azam Khan-bolstered applicant, and Jaya Prada as somebody who was facing the Rampur strongman.

As the BJP was to a great extent seen to be on a powerless wicket, the counter Azam Khan vote in that decision assembled towards Jaya Prada. That incorporated an extensive segment of the BJP voters that considered her to be the genuine challenger to Khan’s strength over area governmental issues.

Jaya Prada’s coach in SP, Amar Singh, assumed a critical job in making this twofold as he kept on inciting Khan all through the crusade and previously.

Jaya Prada won from Rampur by and by in 2009.

After five years, things in the SP changed to drive Amar Singh out of the gathering. She went with the same pattern to join Ajit Singh’s RLD, challenged from Bijnor and lost completely. She stood fourth, with a little more than 24,000 votes.

With BJP, Jaya Prada hosts joined a national gathering out of the blue.

Be that as it may, 2019 races from multiple points of view is minimal not quite the same as the past three. The SP-BSP are in collusion. Azam Khan has a pad of Dalit cast a ballot. Furthermore, it’s a voting public which the BJP won by not exceptionally extensive edge even in the Modi wave.

Everyone’s eyes will be on Congress’ decision for the prominent Rampur situate. Will the great old gathering again field somebody from the Nawab family to under-cut Azam Khan’s base among Muslims in Rampur?

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