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For 2019 Lok Sabha Polls BJP Apply T20 Formula To Reach Out To 20 Houses

2019 Lok Sabha Polls BJP Apply T20 Formula

The T20 here differs from the one popular in the cricketing parlance. As the party has set a target for every worker to visit at least 20 houses in their area and publicise the Narendra Modi-led government’s achievements while having tea. The Bharatiya Janata Party will apply the “T20 formula” to ensure victory in the 2019 general elections, a senior party leader said.


As the party seeks to secure another term, it has asked its workers to promote the government’s achievements. To each and every house through “Har Booth Das Youth”, NaMo app contact initiative, and booth ‘toli’, apart from the T20 formula. The BJP has asked its MPs, MLAs, local and booth-level workers to spread awareness among people in their respective area about the government’s schemes.


A senior BJP leader told PTI-Bhasha aforesaid, the party workers have been asked to visit every village in their area and have tea in at least 20 houses there. He said the initiative is for establishing direct dialogue with the public.


Notably, the party had campaigned aggressively before the last general elections and used information and technology to connect with voters. A major highlight of the technology-driven campaign was a 3-D rally, in which Modi delivered a speech through 3-D projections of himself. Using the technology, Modi, the BJP’s then prime ministerial candidate, would address people at several locations simultaneously. It has formulated a detailed strategy for the booth level, under which the party workers have been asked to add more people to the Narendra Modi (NaMo) app.


According to party sources, a new version of the app, which will have a section regarding the assignments for workers, is on the cards next week. The section will contain things such as assignments for workers, how to include more people, information in texts, video clips, and graphics, they said. According to them, the BJP has set a target of adding 100 people to the NaMo app at every polling booth.


The senior BJP leader said efforts are on to add 20 new members at every booth. He said they are trying to include people from all classes and communities. After brainstorming at the BJP national executive meeting, the workers have been asked to speed up the implementation of the “Ghar Ghar Dastak” campaign.


A team (toli) of at least two dozen workers is being formed at every booth as part of the party’s door-to-door outreach program. The BJP will counter the narrative of the Opposition parties over various issues using the campaign which would run in several phases. It will highlight the government’s achievements in the 5-year tenure and make people aware of the roadmap for the next term. According to party sources, the BJP workers will use facts and figures to help people understand as to ” how important it is for them to keep the BJP government in power”.

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