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BJP to get clear majority in UP according to VDP opinion poll

According to India Vote Kar
If the opinion poll conducted by VDP Associates gives a clear majority to the BJP. The poll gives SP the second spot. The opinion poll was conducted in the month of January barely fifteen days before the elections. The poll predicts that the BJP would 207 of 403 seats with a whopping vote share of 33.80%. Thus it gets a clear majority to form the government. The ruling Samajwadi Party, according to the polls, is likely to get 104 seats with 24.16 percent votes. The opinion poll maintains that the congress SP alliance would not impress the voters especially the new voters. The Congress party is likely to get 24 seats with 7.84 percent vote. The Bahujan Samaj party of Mayawati would garner 22.11 percent votes and get 58 seats. The poll was conducted in 87 constituencies in 41 districts and with a sample size of 10000 people according to the VDP Associates.

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