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Amit Shah: BJP Will Form Strong Alliance in Tamil Nadu

Amit Shah: BJP Will Form Strong Alliance in Tamil Nadu

BJP president Amit Shah on Monday said that his party would form an alliance in Tamil Nadu that would eventually form the government and eliminate corruption. Without making any direct reference to the ruling AIADMK, he said, “I feel saddened when I think about Tamil Nadu.

“These days, Tamil Nadu figures among those States that are most affected by corruption.”

He claimed that only a BJP government would be able to end the prevalence of electoral corruption in the State.

Addressing the BJP’s polling booth in-charges at the VGP Golden Beach Resort on the East Coast Road near Chennai, he said the alliance would be formed ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Before an alliance is formed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend a party rally in Tamil Nadu in October in which 1.25 lakh booth-level workers would participate. Mr. Shah gave the BJP State unit a September-end deadline to appoint representatives for all the State’s 66,000-odd polling booths.

“Before 2019, we will make an announcement about an [electoral alliance] at the appropriate time. Whoever we ally with, we will make sure of one thing: that the government will not be able to indulge in corruption in Tamil Nadu. We will ensure the maintenance of law and order in the State besides focusing on development,” Mr. Shah claimed. “We will respect and honour those parties already with the NDA in Tamil Nadu and bring along new friends so that there will be a government that will provide clean governance like the Union government does,” he added.

Mr. Shah targeted the DMK, accusing it of not doing enough to get the State’s due under the 13th Finance Commission despite being a member of the UPA.Countering the criticism that the BJP did not respect Tamil pride, he said he was confident that Tamil Nadu would have a government in which the BJP was a partner. “[When this happens] Tamil language will travel outside the State; those who want to learn it will be able to do so with pride.”

According to him, it was the BJP’’s way of promoting every State’s culture and language.

“No other party is as committed to the promotion of Tamil pride and Tamil language as the Tamil Nadu State unit of the BJP. Despite all these parties from Tamil Nadu being in power at the Centre, only Narendra Modi’s government ensured that railway tickets were printed in Tamil too,” he said.

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