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Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of ‘creating two Indias’

Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of creating two Indias

Rahul Gandhi declared today that he would not let PM Narendra Modi “sleep or rest” till he gave a reprieve to farmers, holding up as an example his party’s new governments in MP and Chhattisgarh, which he said have announced farm loan waivers within six hours.

The third state, Rajasthan, will also do it soon, the Congress chief told a day after three Congress leaders took oath as chief ministers of state which were close to the BJP. Top opposition leaders travelled with Rahul Gandhi to be part of the back-to-back ceremonies in the state capitals.

Did you see? The work has already begun (Dekha apne? Kaam shuru ho gaya hai), he said as soon as he reached the parliament.

Calling his party’s victory in the recent state elections as the win of farmers, he claimed that PM Narendra Modi didn’t waive even a single rupee of the poor farmers. Rahul Gandhi promised that farmers in all Congress-ruled states will get farm loan waivers and the BJP will be forced to do the same in the country.

Won’t Let PM Sleep Till He Waives Farm Loans,” Says Rahul Gandhi

“We won’t let Modi ji sleep in peace until we make him waive farmers’ loans,” Rahul Gandhi announced.

His determination was, however, trashed by Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who said, “This is a new low in public discourse in the country. But nothing better is expected from Rahul Gandhi whose party ensured that people of the country did not sleep for 60 years due to corruption, malgovernance and patronage of selected people.”

Rahul Gandhi also accused PM Modi of “creating two Indias” and reiterated his charge that PM Modi isn’t concerned about the farmers of the country and only cares about his 15-20 entrepreneur friends.

“On one side you have the country’s top 15 industrialists and on the other you have farmers, poor, youth, small traders . “The Congress chief alleged they put Rs. 3.5 lakh crore into their pockets, .

Describing the notes ban in 2016 as the “world’s biggest scam”, Mr Gandhi said, “Demonetisation was also aimed at stealing money from the poor and giving it to the rich.”

On the controversial Rafale fighter jet deal, Congress chief said he is ready to talk, but the ruling BJP doesn’t appear ready.

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