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Satyender Jain

Satyender Jain

Satyendar Kumar Jain, also spelled as Satyender Kumar Jain, is a Cabinet Minister in the Government of Delhi and is a politician from Aam Aadmi Party.He is one of the seven Cabinet Ministers in the Government of Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal. His portfolio includes Health, Industries, Home, Public Work Department, Power. He is currently in his second term as Delhi Health Minister, having previously served as Health and Industries Minister from 28 December 2013 to 14 February 2014 in the previous AAP Government. Jain is an architect by profession.

Early Life Career

Satyendra Jain hails from a family with staunch belief in Jainism . He lives with his family in Saraswati Vihar in North West Delhi. Jains father a retired teacher, moved to Delhi after Jains birth from his hometown Kirthal in Baghpat tehsil, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Satyendar Kumar Jain began his foray into politics after becoming involved with Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. Prior to his involvement with politics Jain worked at the Central Public Works Department, later quiting the job to set up an architectural consultancy firm.Jain has also been involved in work with social welfare organizations. he has been involved with Drishti, an organization working to help the visually impaired and Sparsh, an organization working to the dedicated to the empowerment and welfare of the physically & mentally challenged.