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Girish Dattatray Mahajan

Girish Mahajan (born 17 May 1960) is an Indian politician and member of 13th Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for Jamner Constituency 5th Term since 1995,1999, 2004, 2009 & 2014.Currently he is Cabinet Minister for Water Resources in Devendra Fadnavis ministry (2014).

Early Life Career

Mahajan was born in Jamner into a Marathi family. Dattatray Mahajan was a school teacher in primary school and he want his son to become like him .Mahajan married Sadhana, in a match that was arranged in the traditional Indian manner by their parents. They have a 2 daughters named Smt. Priya Choudhary & Miss. Shreya Mahajan.

In 1992, Mahajan was elected as a Gram-Panchayat Election from Jamner. Three years later in 1995, he was elected to the Maharashtra state assembly for the first time. He is currently serving his 5th term as MLA as of 2014. Mahajan was sworn in as the Water Resources Minister[5] of Maharashtra from the BJP on 31 October 2014. His government won a confidence motion by voice vote on 12 November 2014 allowing it to government.